Ja Ja

We are an nature enthusiastic couple from Czech Republic. We love travelling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, hitchhiking and a lot of other adventures :). Our biggest passion is the mountains, so most of our travels involve going to the mountains.

On this website you can find photos and blogs (only in czech) from our trips. Short trips for a few days which cover only a few kilometres, or longer for a few months in quite distant parts of the world. We enjoy eastern countries and prefer wilderness instead of cities. There is nothing better than having all what you need in a backpack and be for a few weeks amongst the trees, flowers and bears.

If you like the pictures you can also have a look at our friends websites Aleše "Alíka" Podivínského and Martina "Jumba" Jambora.

Petr "ajs" Kucka zelva